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Incredible Health Benefits of Houseplants

Purify the air you breathe...... According to NASA plants are nature's life support system. In research that will eventually help astronauts reach Mars they have identified plants that will purify air and remove toxins. Some toxins occur in our home from furnishings, aerosols and cleaning products leading to poor air quality that may cause sick…
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The Incredible Health Benefits of Plants

Plants don't just look pretty - there are some amazing health benefits too of filling your home and office with plants;- Breathe a little easier.... Plants make their own food from light in a process called photosynthesis, in this process carbon dioxide is absorbed and pure Oxygen given out. Some plants such as some succulents…
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House Plants

Welcome to our House Plants Here at Ackworth Garden Centre we have everything you need to care for your garden and outside living space. Whether it be clematis, climbers, conifers, ferns, fruit plants, herbs, roses or something else, Steve is our gardening and agricultural expert. If you’re unsure what to plant, what works best with…
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