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Garden Jobs in July

Garden Jobs in July At this time of year, everything in the garden is at its most productive. It needs constant monitoring, and there are lots of jobs to be getting on with: Deadheading Regular deadheading of bedding and perennials will encourage more blooms and healthy growth. Early flowering perennials can be cut back now,…
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Gardening Jobs for June

Gardening Jobs for June As everything in the garden settles into summer, it’s time for maintaining and outdoor planting. Here’s what needs doing in the garden this month to make sure it always looks its best. The Lawn With all the wet, warm weather, grass is growing like there’s no tomorrow. Keep it looking gorgeous…
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Attracting Bees & Butterflies to your Garden

Attracting Bees & Butterflies to your Garden A garden humming with bees and shimmering with brilliantly-coloured butterflies is full of life and beauty, the insects adding another dimension to your planting and giving you yet another reason to enjoy your garden. By encouraging bees and butterflies into your garden you're doing the planet a favour…
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Create Your Own Beautiful Hanging Baskets

Create Your Own Beautiful Hanging Baskets Hanging baskets create the definitive finishing touch to the outside of any home. They soften brickwork, create a colourful welcome in doorways, and add a dash of style to seating or patio areas. You can buy them ready made, but it’s not as hard as you might imagine to…
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