8 Quick Tips for April Gardening Jobs

8 Quick Tips for April Gardening Jobs

It’s a joy to see the floral world waking up, shaking off the winter doldrums and getting ready for this year’s show. Gardening tasks for April revolve around cleaning up, preparing and planning, so you can give your plants the best start.

#1 Potatoes

Your seed potatoes should be chitted by now (start them off if you didn’t do it last month), and can now be planted. If you fancy a few ‘earlies’ and have the space, try growing some in a container in the greenhouse. A dustbin is ideal.

#2 Lawn Care

It was so wet last month that even though the grass started growing there wasn’t much chance of getting the mower out. If you have lots of moss in the grass, a good fertiliser with moss-killer will clean it up, or alternatively you could sprinkle down some seed to fill out any gaps. Before you start mowing, make sure the blades are nice and sharp, and lift them up high for the first cut. After that, weekly trims will keep the lawn looking good and healthy.

#3 Climbers

Climbing plants start getting vigorous around now, so it’s a good time to extend trellises or add extra wire to arches so they have plenty of support for new growth. As they grow, encourage new side shoots so you get nice bushy plants with even flowering.

#4 Early Spring Bulbs

As daffs finish their season, remove the dead heads but leave the foliage in place as this provides food for next year’s show. As tulips bloom, give them plenty of water if the weather turns dry. This helps them grow tall and straight, improving the look of your spring beds.

#5 Ponds and Water Features

Clean out the debris that may have accumulated over winter and make sure any pump filters are clean too before putting them back in. If you have birdbaths or other decorative water features, now’s the time to clean them out and top up with fresh water.

#6 Trees

Make sure any ties or supports remaining from last year aren’t too tight. Loosen or replace if they are getting a bit close, so the tree has plenty of room for new growth.

#7 Planting Tasks

Now’s a good time to plant sweet peas (sow the seeds directly at the base of their supports), dahlia tubers, and just about any other shrubs, trees or potted plants you fancy. Garden centres come alive in spring, so if you see something you fancy, don’t wait. Get it off to a good start by putting it in the ground during April.

It’s also time to think about flowerbeds. Fill in gaps with pretty primulas or polyanthus, which flower well at this time of year and give a little more early colour.

#8 Hanging Baskets

April is a great time to get these going. You can plan your displays and get the baskets started in the greenhouse.

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