Garden Jobs in July

Garden Jobs in July

At this time of year, everything in the garden is at its most productive. It needs constant monitoring, and there are lots of jobs to be getting on with:


Regular deadheading of bedding and perennials will encourage more blooms and healthy growth. Early flowering perennials can be cut back now, which may encourage the plants to send up fresh leaves and maybe even some late summer flowers.

Pond Maintenance

Blanket weeds and algae grow fast in warm weather, so keep an eye on ponds to remove them and keep water oxygenated, clear and healthy. Get rid of other debris while you’re at it rather than leaving allowing it to mount up into a big job later in the year. It’s best to leave everything you scoop out of the water beside the pond for a day so wildlife can escape back into the water. If you have water lilies, remove and dying or yellowing leaves to prevent them falling off and rotting in the water. During hot, dry weather, remember to keep ponds topped up. Even during a hosepipe ban, you’re allowed to top up ponds if you have fish.

Hanging Baskets and Containers

Trim straggly plants in hanging baskets to encourage fresh growth and new flowers. Containers and baskets need careful monitoring for moisture as they soon dry out. A good soak every day is the way to keep them healthy, even if it rains.

Stop Pests

Control slugs and snails, check for blackfly on broad beans (you can pinch off and dispose of any affected tips), and look beneath brassica leaves for cabbage white butterfly eggs. If you have a flying pest problem in the greenhouse, try hanging up sticky tapes to trap them. Ladybirds, hoverflies and lacewings are good for keeping aphids down, so don’t get rid of these.

Protect and Harvest Fruit and Veg

Harvest little and often to prevent veg becoming woody and bitter. Store or freeze any surplus, or if you have a real glut, add it to the compost bin or heap rather than putting it in the bin.

Some veg can be sown outdoors in July, such as carrots, lettuce and radish, or runner beans and dwarf French beans. When tomato plants are as big as you want them, discourage further growth by pinching out the growing tip or side shoots.

Place netting over soft fruits still on the plant, to protect them from birds and squirrels.

Greenhouse Care

Open up the door or vents every day for ventilation, and provide some shade either with blinds or by applying a shade paint viagra generique au maroc. Check daily for moisture, watering all the plants either in the morning or evening. Plant out any plug plants you still have growing (harden them off first if necessary), and minimise the chance of fungal disease by clearing up any fallen leaves or blooms.


If you have a new lawn, don’t let it dry out during hot weather. In very dry weather, raise mower blades as this reduces the stress on the grass and helps it retain moisture. Lawn can benefit from a quick-acting lawn feed at this time, especially if you didn’t feed it during the spring. Keep an eye out for weeds, and treat with a weed killer specifically for lawns.

And finally, don’t forget to keep bird baths topped up and ask someone to pop in and water the plants while you’re off on holiday. The garden in July is just past its peak, so a little maintenance on a daily basis will keep it looking good for longer.

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