Sansevieria Mother-in-laws tongue, devil’s tongue,...

Sansevieria Mother-in-laws tongue, devil’s tongue,...




Sanseveria, commonly known as mother in laws tongue or snake plant is a striking succulent with bold and brightly coloured strap like leaves. Used in cultures for rope making and wound dressing -the leaves being used both as an antiseptic and bandage. Another great plant for purifying air, they like many succulents have an adapted (cam) form of photosynthesis which means they absorb carbon dioxide at night.  Sansevieria have also been shown to help reduce headaches -whether it is this natural air improvement that helps or there are other natural compounds given off only further research will show. Either way this is another great plant for the bedroom to help you get a good night's sleep. If that wasn't enough it is also called a lucky money plant in some parts with a suggestion that this maybe due to colourings similar to a US dollar bill.

Oh, they are easy to grow too!!

Plants in 9cm pots from £8.00


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