Santa’s Christmas Grotto

Santa’s Christmas Grotto

It’s the start of a magical time for Children as they begin counting down the days to Christmas. So when we mentioned Ackworth Garden Centre had a very special visitor arriving and that they would be meeting Santa, they couldn’t contain their excitement!

Upon entry into the garden centre it is apparent that they have all made a huge effort. The displays were excellent with trees, fairy lights, baubles, ornaments, candles, scent, the works. The whole garden centre had been transformed.

dsc_0094During the visit the children got chance to say hello to some of their favourite characters including Chase, Pikachu and Peppa Pig, too. There were plenty of photo opportunities to be had as well, and each photo is set against a magical back-drop of Christmas lights and decoration.

We got our tickets to see Santa at the till, and while we waited we took the time to buy some decorations, we like the children to pick one thing each so they can use it to decorate the tree. The items also serve as a special memory each year, and makes the tree so much more special. There is also a café which serves meals, drinks, cakes and coffee and is a great chance to relax before entering the grotto.

Our numbers were called and it was our turn to meet Santa. We walked through the garden centre towards Santa’s Grotto. When you walk in it truly feels like a magical experience, it was filled with twinkling lights, falling snow, there were figures playing, as well as popular characters such as Olaf. It’s amazing how cold you suddenly feel when walking into the icy grotto, even though the temperature hasn’t changed. It just goes to show how realistic it all felt. As we walked through the door towards the end of the display opened and we were greeted with Santa, his little helper and Elsa from Frozen.

Santa at Ackworth Garden CentreSanta spoke to the children and told them stories, the kids were intent on listening to him as we absorbed the atmosphere! Each child was handed a gift from Santa’s helper and a souvenir photo of their time with Santa. The children were excited to open their gifts as soon as they left the Grotto and none of them were disappointed. The gifts vary depending on age and gender and ours included pirate ship making and scarf making. Gift’s retail up to £10.00 each.

We really enjoyed our visit, and Ackworth Garden Centre is certainly the place to visit this year from your tree, decorations, and of course to meet the man himself, Santa!

Visit here to see Santa’s visiting times.

The cost to see Santa is just £12 per child, with no extra cost for adults so everyone can enjoy the magical wonderland.

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Posted by Ackworth Garden Centre on Friday, 1 December 2017

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  1. Well done!! Every year is great but this year, you've really exceeded yourse
  2. Well done!! Every year is great but this year, you've really exceeded yourselves I didn't know where to start but managed to great round n one of my purchases was a train set...I've only ever bought them from Ackworth Garden Centre. Thanks for the effort
    • Fiona Harpin
      Hi Betty, Thank you so much for your kind comments. Everyone has worked really hard on the displays this year, so glad you appreciated it and thanks for taking the time to write. I'll pass your comments on to all the rest of our team. With our best wishes for a merry Christmas, Simon Ackworth Garden Centre.

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