5 gardening tips for March that will reap big rewards

5 gardening tips for March that will reap big rewards

March is a good time to dig out the thermal underwear & brave it outside. Apart from the good it will do to your cardio vascular system, there are a few great jobs to get done in early spring that will reap dividends in summer;-

1. Cut the lawn - At the first sign of dry weather get your mower out, set the blades high and make the first cut. Leave it for a week or so, and assuming the temperatures are on the rise apply a first application of feed, weed and mosskiller. Just the simple things like a good feed & regular cutting (7-1o days max) will make a huge difference.

2. Prune shrubs and roses. Most deciduous shrubs, especially roses will make better plants and produce lots more flowers simply by cutting them back- how easy is that? Most shrub like roses should be cut back to about 6 inches and approximately good strong stems. Angle the cut downwards and just above an outward facing bud. There is a lot of mystique attached to pruning but there is a simple rule that can be applied to most shrubs –if it flowers before mid summer-cut back after flowering & if it flowers after mid summer prune in early spring.

3. Apply a feed. Once you’ve pruned your plants give them a boost-use either a good general purpose feed such as Growmore or for flowering plants and shrubs use a high potash fertilizer such as Top Rose. Spring flowering bulbs will really benefit too. Apply a good handful around the base of each plant.

4. Start summer bulbs. Plant summer flowering bulbs such as lilies and dahlias now, in a frost free spot or better still in a greenhouse. Generally speaking anyway you can extend the growing season will give bigger and better results.

5. Start your vegetable garden - Onion sets can be planted now and for those who prefer the flavour of shallots the earlier the better. Seed potatoes should be chitted - simply place seed potatoes facing upwards in a container, egg cartons are perfect viagra line. Lots of other veg can be sow now, Broad beans, early peas, leeks, carrots and spinach can all be sown now for delicious early crops.

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