The Fairy at the bottom of our Garden

The Fairy at the bottom of our Garden

A fairy doorWe’ve got a new guest. She’s shy and sweet, and has her own secret place in the garden that she gets to through her own front door!

Our children have always believed in fairies, and have often wondered if they lived at the bottom of our garden! When we saw the Fairy Door at Ackworth Garden Centre we had to buy it right away, and when we put the door in its special place in our garden, it brought our children's imaginations to life!

It wasn't long before our fairy moved in and she’s no bother at all. In fact, most of the time you wouldn’t even know she’s there. But she always takes the gifts and treats we leave by her door, so we know she’s happy living with us.

Because fairies are shy, it took a little while for us to learn her name, but now we know she’s called Sparkle Dust. The fairy and our children write to each other frequently and we got to know her favourite colour is yellow, and that she especially likes yellow flowers. The children asked Mummy to buy one for her when we found out how much she likes them!

Fairy Doors

Fairy Door in the gardenFairies look for inviting places where they can make a home, and there’s nothing more inviting than a lovely front door.

We’ve learned loads about fairies since then. First, we learned fairies aren’t confident to go where they might not be welcome, which is why they look for the special doors. When they spot one, they know they’ll be safe and cared for.

Sparkle Dust has also learnt lots about our children too, she often asks in her letters if the children are enjoying school, or if they seem upset she may ask what might be bothering them. It's not always easy for children to confide in parents, but fairies are much easier to talk to!

One thing she told us was how many other fairies are hunting for magic doors. There are so many that if you get a Fairy Door, someone from fairyland is sure to move in and live with you.

Sparkle Dust loves raisins. They’re sweet and juicy, and just big enough for her to hold. We often leave some outside her door so she’s sure to see them. We’re not sure whether she eats them like we eat apples, or if she works some other spells on them, like turning them into drinks or magicking them into cakes.

Our children are always very excited in a morning to see if Sparkle Dust has eaten her treats, and written back! We know she likes the raisins as a midnight snack as they’re always gone in the morning.

Fairies Like Things Neat and Clean

Fairy in our gardenWe keep her doorway spotless, because that’s how she likes it. Fairies are fussy and don’t like mess. They like their homes neat and tidy, and if we could we’d go inside and help her do the housework, but we’re too big. So we help her keep the outside looking nice. We got some butterfly stickers, and we’ve even laid some stepping stones so she can find her way when it’s dark at night.

You might think it’s hard to find decorations for a fairy doorway, but Ackworth Garden Centre has lots including fairy toys, garden furniture and chairs, washing lines and clothes. They have Fairy Doors too, if you want to invite a fairy to come and live with you.

Each door has its own magic key, and the fairies use these to cast the spells that open the doors. The keys can only be used once by one fairy, so you leave the key by the door and when it vanishes it means a fairy has moved in.

Fairies Love Parties

When a fairy finds a new home with humans, there are huge parties in fairyland with lots of singing and dancing. Finding a magic door in a human house or garden is a really big thing for a fairy.

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