Gardening Jobs in January

Gardening Jobs in January

We may be right in the heart of winter, but keen gardeners already have their eye on the growing season that will start in just a few short weeks. If you’re wondering what you can do in the garden to get off to the best start this year, we have some tips for you.

Garden Tidying and Planting

Keeping the garden tidy is a year-round job. Now is a good time to get round to pruning the wisteria if you haven’t already done it. You want to cut back the summer side shoots to within two or three buds.

Dormant roses also need pruning to remove any crossing or dead branches. Look for buds and trim branches back to just above a bud.

Ornamental grasses can be cut back now as well before they start growing again in the spring, and if you left perennials such as sedums alone in the autumn, now is a good time to trim back the old stems.

If you planted winter flowering pansies, remember to remove the fading flower heads so they don’t set seed.

You can also do some planting if you feel the garden is looking a little sad and bare. You could, for instance, plant a bare root Peruvian Lily, or a winter flowering evergreen Clematis.

Keep an eye on stored tubers, such as dahlias, as they may be prone to rotting. Remove any that have rot, and do the same for any fruit or vegetables you have in storage.

Vegetable Harvesting

Parsnips and leeks should be about ready for harvest, and there are plenty of other jobs to do to get ready for the coming growing season.

Protect the soil from extreme cold if you’re planning to grow early peas. You can do this by putting a cloche over the bed to let the soil warm up, especially through January as extreme cold snaps are common.

Also, it’s time to start chitting early potatoes. They need plenty of light but must be kept frost free.

Caring for Wildlife

Hedgehogs are having a hard time, with declining numbers through loss of their natural habitat and environmental pollution prescrire viagra. As you go around tidying and pruning in the garden, take care not to disturb any hibernating hedgehogs. They are nocturnal creatures and are usually in trouble if you see them out and about during the day.

A hedgehog feeding station or somewhere warm and safe for them to sleep will help to keep them safe over winter. If you have hedgehogs in your garden, it is worth taking a little care to help them survive since they are now an endangered species.

Bird feeding stations should also be kept topped up that this time of the year, taking care to keep bird baths clean and full of fresh water. Try not to let the water freeze over. In feeding stations, use quality wild bird food that includes sunflower hearts and seeds along with peanuts and flaked maize. Never give them salted or coated peanuts.

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