Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera




Aloe Vera is one of the most widely grown plants in the world with all cultures benefiting from the natural healing and anti-septic qualities of the sap. It has an incredible history dating back to ancient Egypt but is used today to treat cratches, minor wounds and help relieve sun burn. But it doesn't stop there, the juice when diluted helps treat hear t burn,as a natural mouthwash and to help lower blood sugar.There has also been research to suggest that aloe vera can help keep produce fresh by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and even more excitingly that some compounds in the leaves may slow the rate of growth of breast cancer. The research is ongoing. Aloe Vera was also shown by Nasa research to be one of the best plants at purifying air, filtering out  toxic substances. Naturally producing Oxygen it is a plant that has also been shown to help induce sleep so is deffinitely a plant for the bedroom.

Plants in 9cm pots from £4.

Larger plants available too.


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